Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please limit early pick-ups and late arrivals to doctor appointments and emergencies.  Every minute of instructional time your child misses can't be replaced!

 Early Pick-up:  If you wish to pick up your child prior to regular dismissal, you must sign the student out in the office.

 Dismissal:  Your child's teacher and the office need to know all the individuals who may pick up your child from school.  For safety reasons, we will not release a child to anyone not pre-approved by parents or guardians.

Student Pick-up/Dismissal Procedures: 

 Students walking home will be dismissed:

  • At the door to the little playground (Fifth Avenue side) for those walking west of the school.
  • At the door facing Fulton Avenue nearest the parking lot for those walking east of the school.

 Students being picked up by a car:

  • Drivers may park along Fifth Avenue nearest the school.  Students must cross at the corner with the crossing guard to get in cars parked across Fifth  Avenue.
  • Drivers may pick up students in the parking lot.  Cars must be parked in a designated parking spot, or the driver must remain in his/her vehicle.
  • Drivers are not permitted to pick up students on  Fulton Avenue.

 Students riding the bus:

  • Buses are provided for those students on the regular bus routes.  If space is available, transportation is provided for those students living near the bus route.  Riding the bus is a privilege, and students who do not follow bus rules may not be allowed to ride the bus.

 Students must:

  • Follow all EVSC rules (including when at the bus stop).
  • Remain seated unless loading or unloading.
  • Obey the driver and the attendant at all times.